Altar Work

Below is information about altar work, what kinds of cases I do and do not take, my rootwork philosophy, how you can proceed to talk to me about your own plans for altar work, etc. If you are looking for the Consultations page to have your case assessed as a rootwork client, go here. If you are looking for the Altar Work page to learn more about or to book services like light settings or honey jar work, go here. If you want to know more about altar work and how I work, keep reading.


I provide some altar and spell work with only short, informal consultation, so you do not need a paid appointment to talk with me about it; this would be work such as simple candle-burning spells, the creation of pakets and pwen cho (points chauds), and the customization of mojo bags, custom St. Michael pakets, and custom chicken foot charms. For work like this, just contact me to discuss your needs, and/or book your light setting or order your mojo bag at the store.

Longer-term and more complex work requires a formal consultation session before I could say if I would take your case; that kind of work is done after a contract is drawn up so you and I are both crystal clear about what your work involves, what it costs, and what you can expect. You can read about some typical types of work I do at my blog, Big Lucky Hoodoo - just follow the altar work tag.

I specialize in Success, Protection, Uncrossing, Reversing, and Spiritual cleansing work. Protection work is a particular specialty of mine, and I am not lady-hearted about taking action in cases that consultation and divination reveal to be justified. I am a firm believer in good old-fashioned personal and home cleansing and protection; experience has taught me that it is the foundation for success in so many other kinds of work.

I do not take Reconciliation cases involving separated couples, though I will consult with you if you want guidance on doing your own Reconciliation work. I will usually take Reconciliation cases if the people involved are not ex-lovers, so I will sometimes do Reconciliation spells for friends, coworkers, and married couples who have not separated. I do not perform Break Up work on couples except under extraordinary circumstances, where someone's life, children, or livelihood are being threatened, but I do take cases to help folks get out of bad relationships safely. I will sometimes do Break Up work on friends or cliques if consultation and divination reveal that the work is justified, is likely to have the desired outcome, and will be beneficial for the client.

Please note, however, that if you are a new client and are not coming to me with a direct, personal recommendation from a colleague of mine who has read for you and worked with you, I will probably not take your Crossing, Goofering, or Revenge case. I rarely do work like that for brand new clients.

I will take some Love Drawing cases. I make a lot of mojo bags and set a lot of lights and honey jars for love-drawing. When it comes to longer-term cases or more complex situations, though, I am much choosier. I have a low tolerance for needy clients who want a therapist + spell caster + confidant + somebody to talk them off a ledge, and I get extremely annoyed with clients who would send an email about their relationship labeled "urgent" and the email says "he didn't call me last Friday." So I prefer to do love drawing work for older, mature people, especially those who are looking to draw new love into their lives versus being focused on a particular target. I prefer not to work with people who are feeling desperate about a particular person, and they generally find, eventually, that they prefer not to work with me. If you have been a single for a while, or dating casually for a while and want to think about settling down, we will work well together. If you feel you must give me the play-by-play about how many times your target texted you last week, we will not work well together.

I work with clients from all kinds of faiths and creeds. I was raised a sort of maverick, hippie-flavored Catholic but have a great deal of experience with and knowledge of other faiths (see my About page for a bio, and read more at my blog). Most of my clients these days are Protestant Christians, followers of an African Traditional Religion, or consider themselves spiritual but not a certain denomination; however, I work with clients from lots of different faiths, cultures, nations, and countries.

I work to provide services that fit your religious beliefs and practices, so if you want a worker who will respect your beliefs about karma or accommodate your desire to avoid using animal curios or devil candles in your spiritual work, I will work with you (though I will be quick to point out that in some cases, some clients are better off seeking a spellworker from a tradition other than hoodoo). I cannot tell you whether a spell will mess you up with the Law of Three, or tell you how you can change an ancestor spell to avoid working with graveyard dirt, or tell you what Vedic star influences should be taken into account for your hoodoo ritual. I won't tell you how to invoke a deity from another tradition in a conjure working, and I won't do a Wiccan rite or Golden Dawn ceremonial magic for you. (You should find somebody who specializes in Wicca or ceremonial magic to do that type of thing.) I will only advise from within my own practice and areas of expertise; I do traditional Southern-style hoodoo rootwork, and I won't tell you that you can change traditional hoodoo spells just willy-nilly. But what I can do is offer you options. If there are some spells or approaches you would rather not use, or some ways of working that you prefer over others, I can work with you on finding an approach that sits right with you. I won't just say "here's the only option you have, take it or leave it."

Devotionally, I work in a Franco-Haitian gnostic voudon lineage and am an ordained minister and ecclesiastically consecrated bishop within several lines of apostolic succession. I work with an active group of fellow bishops, energy workers, rootworkers, and serviteurs of the spirits on a regular basis here in the Southeastern U.S.

I do most spellwork at a distance from the client; most conjure work, even uncrossing, can be done without physical client presence. I am not available for in-person work on any kind of regular basis, and I do not have a shop you can drop into without an appointment. However, in rare, severe cases I am sometimes available for in-person Uncrossing, Exorcism, or Spiritual Cleansing. I am usually booked out months in advance, though, so you can inquire, but don't expect an appointment the next weekend or anything, or for me to do emergency housecalls. Your chances of getting an appointment like this are also much higher if we have already worked together before, and/or you have been directly referred to me by a colleague who has read for you and worked with you.

I do occasionally host Spiritual Cleansing / Head-washing (lave tet) events in Georgia (and less frequently in Alabama). If you are interested in this sort of thing, write me and inquire. I try to do these once or twice a year. The best way to get an invitation is to get to know me and let me get to know you -- convince me that you are serious about attending the event, genuinely interested in spiritual cleansing (or having your head washed in a devotional context), and not likely to be rude, demanding, pushy, obsessive, a pain in my rear end, or stalker-ish. These events are hosted on private property and are by invitation only, and if I get the faintest hint that you are going to be more trouble than you're worth and/or disrespectful of the space, event, or other attendees, I will revoke your invitation with a quickness and you will go on my "do not serve" list.

Clients get reputations just like spellworkers and rootworkers do, and clients who behave badly may find that their reputation precedes them, so minding your Ps and Qs is wise practice if you want to be invited to an ecclesiastical gathering or a conjure or rootwork event (and frankly if you want to have any kind of working relationship with a professional root doctor or spiritual worker). For tips on finding a good worker, on being a good client, on etiquette and ethics, on picking up the basics of conjure spellwork, and on learning your way around the hoodoo world in general, visit my blog and follow the client education and client info tags and the links to other sites of interest.

If you have a question about any of my services, or about the kinds of cases I take and work I do, please contact me. If you would like to inquire about other altar work, moving candle spells, honey jar spells or breakup jars, or any other type of spiritual service not listed here, please contact me or book a consultation